We at Eigenwelt Magazine are always looking for the most creative individuals that bring the most raw, real, and imaginative essays, articles, research, photography, and videos available. If you feel that you have something that can add to the experience of Self, we would love to have your work published! If you are interested on becoming a contributor of Eigenwelt Magazine, please follow the guidelines for submitting essays/photography/videos on the bottom.


WE ARE ONLY SEEKING UNPUBLISHED WORK. Which means no social media, blogs, or personal websites. We want original work that speaks volumes.


All articles, essays and artistic content must pertain to the philosophical tone of Self. How does the piece relate towards that of being? How does it correlate to the experience of self? If an article is done, how does the report showcase the subjects as an experience of space/time? If an essay, the research must be thorough, concise, approachable and informative. If a team is used (Writer, photographer, artist, etc.) how does the team showcase the work in a tasteful way?  How does philosophy play a role in the grand scheme of things? What is the meaning of the piece? We are also open to art, comics, short stories, poetry, and anything creative the relates to philosophy and meaning. If your work is chosen, it will be selected for the appropriate category in the magazine.


All photographs and video must tell a story. We are only interested in photographs and videos that dwell into meaning and truth. How does one do that? It is up to the photographer/videographer! Do you have a piece that dwells into the philosophical limits of man? Do you have an important journalistic piece of an event happening in the world? Do you have a fashion piece that has more than just a pretty face? We want your skills to go to the next level by challenging the photographic and video element to its limits. Any type of photography and video is accepted, as long as it meets the requirements, but just like the articles, it must also remain deep, philosophic, and with meaning. Only the most meaningful photographs and videos will be accepted, and please note once the images are accepted you must keep them unpublished until they are featured on our website. Submissions that do not follow these rules will be dismissed/cancelled.

Photography Guidelines:

-If nudity is used, please make it tasteful and non-sexualized

-Please have a model release form if models are used. Full credits of your team, with first and last names. Have a consent form if journalistic approach is used for your story

-JPEG only, at least 150dpi, no more than 20 images and a minimum of five. NO WATERMARKS ON PICTURES.

-If Photoshop is used, please keep the images as close to the capture as possible. We are looking for rawness and realness.


Video Guidelines:

-Can be documentary, short film, news piece, investigative reporting, abstract, art, performance piece, etc.

-Full credits of cast and crew

-Production companies and videos must have the permission to showcase your work, with all royalties paid to respective parties involved


Please use the form on the bottom for any general inquires, and please send your work to:

Please include all the necessary links, attachments, forms, and other general information in the email with the tagline “SUBMISSIONS” and your project name for consideration. If we believe your work fits our quality standards and editorial guidelines, we will then contact you back with further instructions.


By submitting photos for publication in Eigenwelt Magazine you are stipulating to us that you own the copyright of this work or have permission from the copyright holder to submit these articles, photos and videos. You are declaring that your work is not defamatory and it does not infringe on any law. You are granting Eigenwelt Magazine the right to publish, reproduce, adapt, modify, distribute and make available to the public your contribution in any of its digital formats as well as newsletters and social networks. Please note your work may remain available in the archive as long as the website exists. As a writer, artist, performer, photographer, or videomaker you declare you own the written permission of the models and agencies involved for publishing the images, videos, writing, and performers. You agree, by the acknowledgement of this disclaimer, to not hold Eigenwelt Magazine for any mental or physical injury resulting from the publication of your contribution. By submitting your work to Eigenwelt Magazine you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions with the same force and effect as it you signed this document by hand.