Eigenwelt Magazine, from the German, which means to be aware of one’s spiritual world in its entirety, comes a publication to challenge the norms of Self. With a philosophical, psychological, and journalistic approach, along with the main emphasis on photography, Eigenwelt Magazine aims to inspire, create, and explore the Authentic Self. Existentially ontological in its overall theme, the magazine has two main focus points: What does it mean to be? And what does it mean to exist? With the exploration of these core questions on a global scale, the challenging quest to make sense of who we are and what we can become are brought forth with scholarly articles and photography.

The categories are as follows:

Umwelt (Environment) – Dedicated to the external forces, the exploration of the worldly environments created by man, such as architecture, cities, machines, pollution etc. and the natural world and what it means to the individual

Mitwelt (Social Dimension) – Dedicated to culture, art, otherness, aestheticism, socio-political environment, and the implication of the overall characterization of self.

Uberwelt (Spiritual Dimension) – In a secular tone, and existential in its approach, the awareness of self to be one to itself is explored.

Above all, truth is the end goal.